Joint development by doctors and ergonomists of ophthalmologists’ chairs


In the first model of ophthalmologists' chairs (first class model) developed
 in 2012, we adopted the Zen structure on their seating surface.
The 2018 model (business class model) was developed based on a new concept
 of forming the structure of the stem to connect the developed backrest with
the leg totally differently than that of the conventional office chair.
Two types of chairs were created with difference lying
in the mechanism of their structure adjustment. One is an ophthalmic
 microsurgery chair. Its design requirement is a chair adapted for ophthalmologic
surgical surgeons performing the operation in the operating room. The other
is a chair for doctors to use in the eye examination room with the
suitability for doctors’ diverse work in the clinic valued as its design
requirement. In order to reduce manufacturing and development costs,
 we promoted commonalizing as many parts as possible between the two types,
resulting in realization of minimized parts replacement,a unique way of
bracket installation and backrest rotation.

Zen structure, a seat pan structure with sacral support that provides a more even distribution of seat pressures, induces forward pelvic rotation and improves lumbar, buttock and thigh support. The three dimensional shape of seat pan was transcribed from monk Zazen posture.